Our origins

Antawara is a Chilean winery founded in 2006 by Mr. Jaime Munoz, Winemaker. In 2009 Mr. Pablo Varas, engineer, MBA joined Mr. Munoz in the ownership of the company. Both having more than 12 years each of experience and know-how in the International Wine Industry, from both the global trading and marketing to the winemaking and bottling side.

Mr. Munoz worked as winemaker in some prestigious wineries in Chile and France, was also appointed by big retailers in Germany and Canada to make their wines from Chile. 

Mr. Varas represented large American wine retailers in Chile for many years, being in charge of all the supply from Latin America, both wines and spirits.

In 2016 Antawara entered in partnership with Paringa Estate Winery, in South Australia, to offer our customers a wider range of qualities and origins. Also, on the same year, we opened our North American distribution office.


To service our customers with excellence, with speed and flexibility

For this, we implement a very professional team, able to work hard and efficiently to give our customers a fast and satisfactory response. We are able to produce small wine lots offering a high degree of customization.

To produce great wines at competitive prices

We produce the most demanded wine varieties, on a simple to understand categorization of wine levels, using above-standard packaging and keeping a strict cost control to offer our customers a very competitive product.

To contribute making a better and more inclusive society.

We offer our workers a safe and responsible working environment, not only in observance with our local legislation in terms of worker’s rights, but also following international standards. In addition, we will prefer grape suppliers coming from rural and undeveloped areas ensuring them a fair price for their products, higher than the market price.


All our hard work and customer satisfaction lead us to envision Antawara in the near future as a well-recognized and outstanding supplier of quality wines, positioning us among the top 20 exporters of Chile.




Pablo Varas

Founding Partner & Managing Director



Jaime Muñoz

Founding Partner & Head Winemaker